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Promoting and Enhancing Reuse of Information throughout the Content Lifecycle taking account of Evolving Semantics

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From Semantics of Change to Change of Semantics

On 19 May 2015 PERICLES partners ran a half day workshop devoted to the importance of dependency drifts in digital preservation and covered four interlocking research areas: the design of a OWL ontology called LRM (Linked Resource Model) to describe change and dependencies in evolving digital ecosystems on a high level; the application of the LRM to the representation of domain-specific knowledge , and the principle of...

Acting on Change: New Approaches and Future Practices in LTDP

In this series of videos we offer some highlights from PERICLES final project conference 'Acting on Change: New Approaches and Future Practices in LTDP' , which took place at the Wellcome Collection Conference centre in London on 30 Nov - 1 Dec 2016. This conference took a closer look at what research is being carried out as regards the challenge of changing environments, and what solutions are being proposed in support of...

The EcoBuilder and Digital Ecosystem Modelling

This is an introduction to the Ecobuilder, a tool for the creation of Digital Ecosystem Models (DEMs) via Java API or via GUI developed by Anna-Grit Eggers with the University of Goettingen (Germany). The DEM is a means to express the network of dependencies, and interactions of entities in digital ecosystems. The tool has been developed within PERICLES, a four-year Integrated Project (2013-2017) funded by the European Union under...

An introduction to the Entity Registry Model Repository (ERMR)

In this video we introduce the Entity Registry Model Repository (ERMR), a scalable data management system based on open standards that can be used to store data and capture the provenance of data and workflows. The ERMR was developed by project partner University of Liverpool. As a central building block in the architectural PERICLES framework, the ERMR contributes to the change management approach. The ERMR is available on:...

PERICLES Technical Appraisal tool

This is an introduction to the PERICLES Technical Appraisal Tool, which was developed by Simon Waddington and Jun Zhang from King's College London with input from other project partners. The tool has been developed within PERICLES, a four-year Integrated Project (2013-2017) funded by the European Union under its Seventh Framework Programme (ICT Call 9). The PERICLES Technical Appraisal tool will be available by 31 March 2017 under...

PRESERVEWARE - a digital preservation hub

In this video, we introduce PRESERVEWARE an open portal for all IT solutions and relevant research dedicated to managing and preserving digital assets over time. PRESERVEWARE was developed by PERICLES project partner DOTSOFT to offer a sustainable digital preservation hub bridging the gap between research, practice and technology. PRESERVEWARE is a community-led platform free for all to browse, discover and contribute with...


A brief update from PASIG 2016

The Preserving and Archiving Special Interest Group (PASIG) 2016 conference was held in the National Library of Technology in the city of Prague from 9th-11 th March ( ). There were many interesting talks, and we present here a few highlights particularly related to PERICLES. The Wednesday afternoon focussed on long-term and large-scale data storage design challenges and featured...

Policy implementation and change management - the PERICLES way

In this blog post we present a practical example of how the PERICLES model-driven approach can help to implement, automate and manage change in a policy. 'Automatic policy application and change management’ was also the focus of one of the 'PERICLES in Practice' sessions at the final project conference ‘Acting on Change: New Approaches and Future Practices in LTDP’ . In this presentation (available on...

Space Science Data Portal

In this blog post we introduce the Space Science Data Portal, an application developed in the context of PERICLES to fit a preservation system in the workflow of the Belgian User Support and Operations Centre (B.USOC) with a particular focus on the SOLAR experiment that is operated by B.USOC. This case study prototype spawned from PERICLES Work Package (WP) 6 , which aims at producing technologies for demonstrating workflows and...

Managing policies using the Policy Editor

In this blog post we introduce the Policy Editor, a web application to manage change in policies, which has been developed by PERICLES project partner Space Application Services (SpaceApps). The tool was developed within WP5 , which focused on Tools for the preservation management of ecosystems and processes We interviewed Rani Pinchuk, Division Manager at SpaceApps to find out more.   What is the Policy Editor and...

The Digital Ecosystem Model

We are pleased to introduce the Digital Ecosystem Model (DEM), which has been developed by project partner University of Goettingen in the framework of PERICLES’ integrated approach to model-driven preservation. The DEM is based on the Linked Resource Model ( LRM ) also developed within the PERICLES project. In contrast to the very high level of abstraction of the LRM, the DEM represents a middle layer ontology on the way to...


Requirements gathering plan and methodology

This document describes the methodology for requirements gathering that will be followed by PERICLES to support an understanding of the tools software produced by the project in the context of the scenarios and workflows identified as specific case studies.

Design practices and operational sustainability for data preservation systems

This document introduces the motivation for digital ecosystem management, illustrated with specific use cases, the problems and difficulties to deal with, and possible strategies. It also provides an insight into automation of preservation management. 


Integrating Preservation into experimental workflows for space science - PV 2015

This presentation was delivered by project partner Simon Waddington (King's College London) during the PV 2015 conference held 3-5 November 2015 in Darmstadt (Germany) and organised by EUMETSAT. The presentation introduced PERICLES approach to long term preservation of data and environmental information generated by the SOLAR experiment, being run on the International Space Station. 

Digital Preservation through a Model-driven Approach and Ecosystem Modelling - DIACHRON final event 2016

This presentation was delivered by Stratos Kontopoulos from project partner CERTH during the final event of EU-funded project DIACHRON, which took place on 24 March 2016 in Athens, Greece.

Management of change to enable long term reuse - Our Digital Future 2016

This poster introducing the PERICLES project was presented by Simon Waddington from project partner King's College London at the two-day conference ' Our Digital Future' (14-15 March 2016). The event was organised by the University of Cambridge and focused on 'Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Long Term Data Preservation and Access'.

EU FP7 PERICLES Project - PASIG 2016

This presentation was delivered by Simon Waddington from project partner King's College London at the 2016 digital preservation event run by PASIG (Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group) in Prague, Czech Republic on 9-11 March.

METADATA ASPECTS: The long term preservation of ISS SOLAR payload data from the PERICLES perspective - EGU 2016

This poster introducing was presented by Christian Muller from project partner B.USOC at the  EGU General Assembly 2016 , which took place in Vienna 17-22 April 2016.

The PERICLES Space Case: Preserving Earth Observation Data for the Future - LPS16

This digital poster was presented by Christian Muller from PERICLES partner B.USOC at the Living Planet Symposium (LPS), a major Earth Observation symposium that is organised every 3 years by the European Space Agency and provides a forum for EO experts to present and discuss their scientific and application research in Earth Observation. The 2016 event took place in Prague 9-13 May 2016.


PV 2015, 3-5 November 2015

PV 2015 is the eight edition of the conferences series organised by EUMETSAT and provides a forum to discuss the many challenges organisations are faced today with rapid growth of data and topics around data preservation, value adding and interoperability. During the event PERICLES partners will present the project's approach to 'Integrating Preservation into experimental workflows for space science' as well as two posters...

1st Int. Workshop on “Semantic Change & Evolving Semantics - SuCCESS’16"

Co-located with SEMANTiCS 2016   Date: 12 September 2016 Workshop length: half day (9:00-12:30) Venue: Campus Augustusplatz - Leipzig, Germany   Follow us on Twitter #semanticsconf @PericlesFP7   Aims & Scope This half-day workshop aims at exploring emerging research in the areas of semantic change and evolving semantics. Semantics differ across contexts, domains,...