Pericles project
Promoting and Enhancing Reuse of Information throughout the Content Lifecycle taking account of Evolving Semantics

Technology Transfer workshop

'Eye of the Storm: Preserving Digital Content in an Ever-Changing World'


2nd December 2016

9am - 5pm


Venue: Wellcome Collection Conference Centre

183 Euston Rd,

London NW1 2BE

United Kingdom


Organisers: PERICLES Consortium


PERICLES, a European Union FP7 funded research project organised a three-day event on the topic “Acting on Change: New Approaches and Future Practices In Digital Preservation”, from 30th November 2016 to 2nd December 2016.

This event was comprised of a two day conference, with panels, discussions and tool demonstrations. The third day (2nd December 2016) was dedicated to a technical workshop introducing and experimenting with the model-driven preservation framework that is at the core of the PERICLES project.


Focus of the workshop

The main two-day conference and its themed sessions discussed broadly the various challenges and recent proposals from the leading-edge of research on long-term digital preservation. The workshop on the third day aimed to engage directly with technical experts from the preservation domain including developers, decision makers, consultants and archive professionals with a strong  technical background. With this group we shared and exchanged technical knowledge on how the PERICLES approach could be beneficial in real-life conditions of future preservation practice. This implied a closer look at how the PERICLES developers propose to use and implement models into existing preservation workflows. Participants were also invited to experiment with ideas of their own.

The format of the workshop was based around the concept of “software-carpentry” supported through short tutorials with practical examples, which allowed participants to experiment with PERICLES tools with guidance from the presenters, ensuring a first-hand familiarisation with the implications of a model-driven approach.

The presentations from each sessions are now available on Slideshare:


 Twitter Participants engaged on Twitter conversations @PericlesFP7 using the hashtag #PERIconf2016



09:00         Registration - Coffee (30 min)

09:30        Welcome Stavros Tekes (10 min)

09:40        Session 1   Building ecosystem models (90 min)

11:10        Coffee break (20 min)

11:30        Session 2  Domain specific modelling (90 min)

13:00        Lunch Break  (45 min)

13:45        Session 3  Process Modelling (80 min)

15:05        Session 4  A running scenario (20 min)

15:30        Coffee break (20 min)

15:50        Session 5  Consultancy (1 hour)

16:50        Closing Remarks

17:00        Approx. End of workshop