Pericles project
Promoting and Enhancing Reuse of Information throughout the Content Lifecycle taking account of Evolving Semantics

Acting on Change: New Approaches and Future Practices in LTDP

An international meeting and conference

30 Nov - 1 Dec 2016


Organisers: PERICLES FP7 and DPC



Venue: Wellcome Collection Conference Centre

183 Euston Rd,

London NW1 2BE

United Kingdom


Overall topic

Preserving digital objects, and ensuring their continued accessibility, use and reuse over the long term within a rapidly changing digital environment, have increasingly become a priority for many organisations and sectors in recent years. The impact of change, be it technological, semantic or cultural, has demanded research to develop solutions that are fit for a range of different preservation environments and practices.

This conference took a closer look at what research is being carried out as regards the challenge of changing environments, and what solutions are being proposed in support of practitioners in the field. New collaborations between different disciplines have yielded interesting perspectives and provided stimulating insights for new approaches to managing and dealing with change in digital environments. 

PERICLES, an FP7 EU-funded research project, has been developing an approach that addresses both the active life of digital objects and the impact of change on the ability to preserve digital objects and data. The project consortium invited digital preservation professionals to discuss approaches and solutions representing different perspectives, contexts and practices, proposed not only by PERICLES but by a range of other projects and initiatives.


The conference was aimed at those engaged in developing digital preservation policies, strategies and procedures, in researching solutions for practice, and in establishing digital preservation infrastructures and workflows. This included system developers, providers and procurers, preservation researchers, and people interested in seeing systems and tools that address their needs and environment.

The conference took place on two consecutive days, 30 November and 1 December 2016, with a range of panel discussions and workshops addressing the main topics and themes of the conference. On the evening of 30 November the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) proudly hosted the ceremony for the prestigious Digital Preservation Awards 2016.

This two-day event was followed by a third day (2 December) featuring a Technology Transfer workshop dedicated to IT solution providers and software developers.

Find out more about the conference in this Storify piece, which includes presentations from the different sessions.

You can also find the video recordings of the keynote, panel discussions and plenaries on our YouTube channel.

 Twitter Participants actively engaged on Twitter conversations @PericlesFP7 using the hashtag #PERIconf2016

A series of blog posts have been written by the attendees of 'Acting on Change'.
We have selected some here below to offer you a wider overview on the conference's main themes.



DAY 1 - Wednesday, 30 November 2016  
9:00 Coffee and registration - Williams Lounge
9:45 Welcome by Mark Hedges, PERICLES Project Director (King's College London)
10:00 Keynote: Kara Van Malssen (AV Preserve) - Seeing the forest for the trees: A look outside the OAIS reference model
10:30 Panel discussion: Beyond OAIS?
  Facilitator: William Kilbride (DPC); Panelists: Angela Dappert (British Library); Pip Laurenson (Tate/PERICLES); Barbara Reed (Recordkeeping Innovation); Barbara Sierman (National Library of the Netherlands)
12:30 Lunch break - Food and refreshement provided in the Williams Lounge
  Thematic Sessions    
13:30 Capability gap - Preservation isn't just throwing tools at the problem
With Matthew Addis (Arkivum), Dan Gillean (Artefactual), Jenny Mitcham (Univ. York), Angela Dappert (British Library), Rob Baxter (Univ. Edinburgh/PERICLES)
Policy management and ontology supported preservation
With Justin Simpson (Artefactual), Stratos Kontopoulos (CERTH/PERICLES), Jean-Yves Vion-Dury (Xerox/PERICLES)
Risk assessment for preservation in the active life of complex digital objects
With Barbara Reed (Recordkeeping Innovation), Pip Laurenson (Tate/PERICLES), Tomasz Miksa (SBA Research), Simon Waddington (King's College London/PERICLES), Patricia Falcao (Tate/PERICLES)

PERICLES in Practice
Part I : Workflow for the automated updating of Digital Ecosystem Models with Significant Environment Information. With Anna Eggers (Univ. Goettingen), Fabio Corubolo (Univ. Liverpool)

Part II : Automatic policy application and change management. From model to real world. A use case demonstration with PERICLES technologies With Fabio Corubolo (Univ. Liverpool)

15:30 Coffee break - Williams Lounge
16:00 Poster session    
16:15 Plenary - Report from thematic sessions and general Q&A
17:00 DAY 1 ends    
  Evening event - DPC Awards  
18:30 Doors open    
19:00 Digital Preservation Awards ceremony
20:00 Reception - Williams Lounge  
DAY 2 - Thursday, 1 December 2016  
9:00 Coffee and registration - Williams Lounge
9:45 Welcome by Christian Muller (B.USOC)    
10:00 Keynote: Matthew Addis (Arkivum) - Preservation through the power of many
10:30 Panel discussion: Preparing for change
  Facilitator: Natalie Harrower (Digital Repository of Ireland); Panelists: Natasa Milic-Frayling (Intact Digital/PERSIST); Jean-Yves Vion-Dury (Xerox/PERICLES); Neil Beagrie (Charles Beagrie Ltd); Nancy McGovern (MIT), George Papastefanatos (Athena-Research and Innovation Center)
12:30 Lunch break - Food and refreshement provided in the Williams Lounge
  Thematic Sessions    
13:30 Proactive data management - where are we now and where are we going?
With Tomasz Miksa (SBA Research), Simon Waddington (King's College London/PERICLES), George Papastefanatos (Athena-Research and Innovation Center)
Interactive workshop: Modelling policies, exploring real use cases
With Justin Simpson (Artefactual), Fabio Corubolo (Univ. Liverpool/PERICLES), Jean-Yves Vion-Dury (Xerox/PERICLES), Stratos Kontopoulos (CERTH/PERICLES)
Capturing the ecosystem of shared infrastructures: How to model the use case of the Dutch network of shared facilities?
Marcel Ras (NDCC), Anna-Grit Eggers (Univ. Goettingen/PERICLES), Rob Baxter (Univ. Edinburgh/PERICLES), Johannes Biermann (Univ. Goettingen/PERICLES)

PERICLES in Practice 

Part I : Detecting semantic drift for ontology maintenance. With Sándor Darányi (Univ Boras), Panos Mitzias (CERTH/ITI)

Part II : Risk and change impact analysis using the technical appraisal and MICE tools. With Jun Zhang (King's College London), Patricia Falcao (Tate)

15:30 Coffee break - Williams Lounge
16:00 Poster session    
16:15 Plenary - Report from thematic sessions and general Q&A
17:00 DAY 2 ends    


The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) is a not-for-profit membership organisation that exists to make our digital memory accessible tomorrow. "We enable our members to deliver resilient long-term access to digital content and services, helping them to derive enduring value from digital collections and raising awareness of the attendant strategic, cultural and technological challenges they face. We achieve our aims through advocacy, workforce development, capacity-building and partnership".