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Data survey and domain ontologies for case studies on 21/10/2015

Together with deliverable D2.3.1 Functional Requirements and User Descriptions which informs this deliverable, they aim to elucidate the data relevant for the case studies, and their preservation requirements and dependencies.

In particular, the data surveys provide an overview of various types of data relevant for the case studies. This overview contains not only a description and typical properties such as the data creator, its location and so on, but also an indication of the stages of the data continuum and how this data relates to other data and concepts. The domain ontologies build on this by representing a data and knowledge cloud of the concepts in the case studies. Together, the data surveys and domain ontologies aim to provide additional information for work on the research objectives.

Work Package: WP2 Case studies: user requirements and evaluation (M2-50)

Number: D2.3.2

Delivery Date: 32

Status: Download