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PERICLES Consortium Meeting in Brussels

PERICLES Consortium Meeting in Brussels

The PERICLES partners met for a three day meeting in Brussels from 10th to 12th June, the first full consortium meeting since the launch event. The meeting was held in the Meridian room at the Royal Observatory of Belgium, hosted by the PERICLES partner B.USOC. Over 20 staff attended the meeting. The meeting gave the partners the opportunity for in-depth technical discussions and planning. Each session of the meeting comprised group discussions on specific aspects of the project, followed by a plenary summary and discussion.  The sessions were structured around research topics, system components and research/development activities. The meeting has produced a set of detailed minutes which are being consolidated into a summary document to assist with further work on planning and specification.


On the Tuesday afternoon of the meeting, a tour of the facilities at the Royal Observatory was held. PERICLES partners were able to see a replica of the SolACES module for solar observations that is currently deployed on the International Space Station (ISS). We also visited the control room for the ISS experiments including observing use of the management console and having discussions with the operations staff, who are responsible for the experiments and resulting data. We were also able to see live video feeds of the astronauts performing experiments on the ISS.



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